The mission of the National Museum Vranje, as a regional museum of a complex type, is to direct its resources towards the preservation of cultural heritage in the areas of southern Serbia.

The museum’s main goals include identification, collection, and presentation of cultural heritage, as well as research and study of the characteristics, diversity, specificity, and phenomena that have influenced the lives of the population in these regions over several millennia.

The museum is open to collaboration with all institutions, establishments, and individuals interested in and engaged in research and protection of cultural heritage.


The vision of the National Museum Vranje is to strengthen the resources it uses and present cultural heritage through work on the revitalization of cultural monuments such as the Haremluk building, the old Hamam, and the Museum-House of Bora Stanković.

It also involves creating new and modernizing existing museum exhibitions by introducing new technologies of museum presentation, making significant cultural treasures accessible to every interested individual.

Openness and transparency of the museum’s work and museum collections towards the professional and wider public are also important aspects of the museum’s vision.