Department of Art History

The establishment of the art collection is associated with the beginning of the 1990s when, through the reorganization of the Cultural Institution of Vranje, a certain fund of artworks was acquired.

This fund included works by local artists, pieces from artist studios, as well as works from the exhibition “100 Miniatures” donated to the city of Vranje by Zoran Stojić Vranjski.

Based on this collection of 184 artworks, the Department of Art History was founded in 1993/94 as the youngest department consisting of the Contemporary Art Collection, Medieval Art Collection, and Applied Art Collection.

Today, the Department of Art History preserves 1,590 artworks in its collection, including paintings, graphics, drawings, watercolors, pastels, sculptures, mosaics, photographs, and works of new media.

Since 2010, the collection has been expanded to include works created during the “Prohor Pčinjski” Art Colony from 1974 to 1990 and the “Vranje” Art Colony from 2002 to 2022. Additionally, the collection includes works from three legacies: Zoran Stojić Vranjski (1936-2022) since 1992, Milica Dinić (1925-1999) since 2003, and Zorica Tasić since 2015.